About This Blog

Like many people, I look forward to what the future might bring, and I like hearing about it when some development inches us a bit closer to a realized version of that awe-inspiring future so often depicted in sci-fi. One of the longest standing tropes of sci-fi has been space exploration. We have come a long way since Jules Verne wrote his two novels depicting a trip to the moon, which were, in many aspects, surprisingly accurate for his time.


This blog is for people who love thinking about the future of space travel. And the future of space travel, as you will soon learn, lies in large part with private spaceflight companies, such as SpaceX, which have emerged in recent years as a beacon of hope for those of us who feared that space-exploration had been left on the backburner. After the space shuttle program was ended in 2011, NASA astronauts had to rely on Russian rockets to bring them to the International Space Station. Things looked bleak for a while as our country became distracted by other pressing matters, but then in the early 2010’s, the private spaceflight industry really began to come into its own.

Rapidly waning are the days when only governments were capable of sending mankind into space; they are now increasingly forming partnerships with private companies, with contracts for future missions utilizing their spacecrafts already being drawn up, including plans for a trip to Mars, and even talk of colonization. It will be interesting to see how that develops, and reflect on history to get a glimpse into the issues that could potentially develop. I want to look at what has been achieved, what is being planned, what challenges we will face, and what we aspire to. Most of all, I want to get people excited about space-travel again, and the best way to do that is to simply inform them of its advance in recent years.


Some people may even be thinking about pursuing a career in the aerospace industry. And I hope that they will find this blog as a useful source, to not only learn about it, but also keep up on its latest developments, goals, and challenges.

Finally, my dear readers, I will strive to be:

Informative – Because you want to learn.

Concise – because I know you are busy.

Accurate – because it’s a waste of time to learn false facts

Balanced – because that’s the best way to find the truth

Realistic – because who hasn’t seen an old sci-fi film and cringed.

Relevant – Because not everyone with an interest space is also obsessed with movies about space-aliens.


Interesting – Because, isn’t that the point?

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